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This is a free alternative to Overture and equivalent tools. Search data is from 48.6 million searches by 657,426 distinct users and comprises 97 million keywords. Data was collected by AOL on a random sample of US users from March 1, 2006 through May 31, 2006. In the interest of privacy, search information is only available in aggregate and numeric queries dropped.

Differences from Overture:

  • Overture results based on larger set of Yahoo search data for prior month
  • Vurr based on static sample of search data described above
  • Benefits:

  • Faster query response
  • Results are not normalized e.g. car insurance and auto insurance are not merged
  • Typos and misspells are perserved allowing comparision to base word
  • Word order is retained in the query
  • Plurals and punctuation are retained for the query
  • Search frequencies are NOT subject to manipulation
  • Note: Sexually explicit references have NOT been removed. Do not use this resource if you are under the age of eighteen or will be offended by such references.

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